BC Pulse

With initial funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and guidance from Michigan State University (MSU), BC Pulse serves as a backbone organization for supporting effective system change in Battle Creek, Michigan. BC Pulse has adapted the ABLe Change Framework and supports collective action and learning across Battle Creek stakeholders and organizations to connect, leverage, support, and align current and future system change efforts to better meet the needs of children and families. Specifically, BC Pulse:

  • Facilitates action and learning
    • Facilitates conversations across stakeholders for the purposes of developing service alignment and coordination, which may also include developing policies and practices and shifting power to support systems change goals.
    • Provides space for residents, service providers, and community leaders to raise system issues for collective problem-solving.
  • Brokers authentic and expert knowledge
    • Assists the community to use data, residents' lived experiences, and evaluation findings to inform action-learning conversations, local decisions, and future programming efforts.
  • Promotes effective implementation
    • Provides organizations, staff, leaders, and residents with coaching and support around effective implementation.
    • Connects new initiatives to ongoing change efforts.
    • Links individuals and organizations to training and capacity building opportunities.
  • Creates a systems change movement
    • Actively weaves together action and knowledge resulting from BC Pulse conversations to maximize impact.
    • Provides opportunities to align goals, practices, and resources across organizations and residents.
    • Promotes a climate of shared accountability.