Summer 2014 Survey Findings

On November 6, 2014, the first round of data was released for community conversation.  During two 3.5 hour sessions, stakeholders associated with the Impact Academy and the Action Learning Groups supported by BC Pulse reviewed key findings, paying particular attention to areas where different groups were having significantly different experiences in seeking positive outcomes for their children or families.

The following data and supporting materials are available for use in the Battle Creek Community:

  • Community Dashboard – highlights data on a handful of key outcomes from all content areas
  • Full Data Report - includes information about methods, the sample, as well as key findings for health, education, and family economic security items
  • Disparities Table - summarizes all of the areas where income, race, age, or employment appeared to have a significant impact on outcomes
  • Strength and Concern Worksheet - lists all of the the areas discussed in the report, with space for noting which findings indicate strengths or concerns in the community

As sense-making continues, stakeholders will continue to develop and refine strategies using survey findings.  The advisory committee is committed to survey data being used in many ways throughout the community.  To that end, several posters highlighting key data points have been created for use by local organizations.  The goal of these posters is to inspire conversation and action among stakeholders throughout the community.  Additional posters can and will be created as community organizations find a need and make requests of BC Pulse.