Yes We Can! Photovoice

In 2007, Yes We Can! incorporated a youth Photovoice project to learn how youth were involved in their communities and how their communities could support their goals. Nineteen youth from various middle schools across Battle Creek participated in this project. They took photos and discussed ideas around their future dreams, their educational and career plans, their involvement in the community, how they could improve their community, and how local organizations could assist in that. A photo exhibit including photos and narratives from all the young people was created and shared with the community at various locations. In addition to creating a photo exhibit, youth were trained in qualitative data analysis using the ReACT (Research Actualizing Critical Thought) method (Foster-Fishman, Law, Lichty, & Aoun, 2010). The ReACT method included a series of training games to help youth critically analyze their Photovoice narrative. This process resulted in the production of a book called Guide to Youth Voices.