Youth and PhotoVoice

PhotoVoice puts cameras in the hands of youth and asks them to share their voice and vision of their communities and themselves as leaders through photography and group discourse.

As part of PhotoVoice, youth:

  • Are trained in photography and supplied a digital camera to use throughout the project.
  • Take pictures of their community and leadership development experiences.
  • Post their pictures to a password-protected website and engage in dynamic group conversations about their own and other participants’ photographs online and in-person.
  • Identify similar themes in the pictures and stories and come up with strategies, solutions, and recommendations for improving their community based on the themes.
  • Create websites, digital stories (e.g., video clips, audio clips), and a photography exhibit based on the photos, stories, and recommendations. Youth will be trained in effective writing and the development of the digital content and the photography exhibit.

The photographs, stories, websites, and digital stories can be used to inform and teach the local community and organizational leaders, residents, and other key stakeholders about how young people view themselves as leaders and change agents and their perceptions of their community.  The photo exhibit will have public showings, and the website and digital stories will be available to the public online. The conversations, photos, and any other products participants create may also be used to promote awareness of the needs in your community and help us better understand how to support youth as leaders.